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$550.00 - $570.00
Installing a wall sconce gives you the ability to double up on "illuminated surface area" without the burden of adding another light fixture to achieve the same amount of lighting effect and saves you time in wiring an additional light fixture. Not to mention, you get the opportunity to use absolute most badass lighting effect that sconce lights allow you achieve.
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Sconce Light / Wall Mounted Directional Light / Fixed Position

Metalistic Alloy / Weathered Brass Clad Finish


  • Knuckle NOT included
  • 18/2 MAX FLEX Loopable-Link™ Wire Lead
  • Pre-Lamped (x2) 4W-60°-3000K MR16 LED
  • Removable Hex Louver & Lens
  • Field Repairability
  • Short Shroud Compatible
  • Optional frosted lens