The Grand Demo Kit

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Throw away your wired demo kits. Get ready to get done in 20 minutes what it would have taken you 4 hours to do with the old wired demo kits. All of these fixtures are battery operated. The kit gives you the ability to simulate any type of lighting. Down lighting, up lighting, directional, cored, or under eave, the kit has it all. Take your lighting business to the next level with the kit that will wow your customers and get you the job every time. The kit includes:


24- Merlin 1 - Gandolf C - This is a bullet light mounted to a clamp to demoing hanging and down lights.
2 - Gandolf X - This is a wall wash light with a clamp for demoing hanging and down lights.
1 - Kingsley - This is a wall sconce that has a 36° 4W MR 16 on one side and a 60° 4W MR 16 on the other
1 - Yoda - This is a core in Mariner light
1 - Jafar - This is an under eave hardscape light
2- MR16 4W 36° TC replacement lamps
2- MR16 4W 60° TC replacement lamps
1 -T3 Bi-Pin 3.5W replacement lamp
3 - Round replacement frosted lenses
3- Square replacement frosted lenses
3 - Round replacement blue lenses
25 - Flags for marking fixture placement
8 - Double A replacement batteries
Heavy-Duty Carrying case for entire kit


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