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A small, powerful and extremely versatile well light that comes with a patent Rubberized Silicone Boot named ROCKET LIGHT that acts as LED Lamps housing. The ROCKET LIGHT sets into position within the 3" well light can. Together, these replaceable parts make up the EDISON. Use of any of the accessory top options to maximize style and functionality. An excellent choice for up lighting where stake mounted fixtures are vulnerable to abuse or causing glare.
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Well Light / In Ground / Subterranean Light

The EDISON comes with a ROCKET-LIGHT & a 3" Well Light Can. The ROCKET-LIGHT functions as the LED Lamp holder and allows water to pass thru its sides. It also affords you the ability to adjust the LED positioning inside the canister.


  • Rubberized Silicone Boot (ROCKET-LIGHT)
  • 18/2 MAX FLEX Loopable-Link™ Wire Lead
  • Pre-Lamped 4W-36°-3000K MR16 LED
  • Replaceable Hex Louver
  • Removable, Clear, Convex Lens
  • Field Repairability
  • Accessory Top Compatible
  • Optional Outer Ring Compatible