Sentinel Short - Down Fixture

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5.00 LBS
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The Sentinel Short - Can be flush mounted, or affixed with a Medallion Trim Kit, or a Wall Bracket

The Sentinel Short is perfect for under beams in an outdoor living area. It's small and easily hidden, but it provides plenty of light for any situation. 

The Sentinal Short comes in 3 different colors:

  • Metalistic Alloy With Brass Clad Finish
  • Advanced Composite Material - White
  • Advanced Composite Material - Black

The Sentinel Short Includes

  • 30'  Max Flex Lead 
  • 4 Watt True Color 36 Degree LED MR16 Lamp
  • Glare Minimizing Hex Louver
  • Additional Optional Frosted Lens


  • Change: Lamp wattage, lamp color, lamp degree or wire leads 
  • Contact SALES 760-304-8183 or EMAIL