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We know your thinking "hmm..., this is not how you place an up light". Here's the facts: Light fixtures placed in the ground are subject to physical harm by people and its environment. The Guardsman is a non-traditional approach to fixture placement. Simply mount the light on the base of the tree, ~12" off the ground and our problems are solved. It is also great for keep fixture out of snow during the winter.
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Tree Mounted Directional Light / Adjustable Light / Moon Lighting

CNC Machined Brass / Weathered Brass Finish


  • 540° Bi-Axial Precision Aim Knuckle
  • Load N' Lock Tree Bracket w/hardware (M1-TAC)
  • 18/2 MAX FLEX Loopable-Link™ Wire Lead
  • Pre-Lamped 4W-36°-3000K MR16 LED
  • Removable Hex Louver
  • Field Repairability
  • Tree Friendly Mounting Hardware that allows for adjustments overtime as the tree grows
  • Optional frosted lens




US Patent:
D925,111 - Light Fixture Rotating Hex Louver Shroud
US Patent:
11,067,262 - Load N' Lock System
US Patent:
10,746,382 - Removable and Rotating Knuckle