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The Creator Series Material Options:

  • CNC Machined Brass (Creator 1)
  • Metalistic Alloy (Creator 2)
  • Advanced Composite Material White (Creator 3)
  • Advanced Composite Material Black (Creator 4)

The Creator comes with:

  • 30' Linked Loop Max Flex Wire - Click here for more about the benefits of the linked loop
  • 4 Watt True Color 36° LED MR16 Lamp
  • The Creator 1 comes with the patented Load N' Lock Saber Mounting Stake
  • The Creator 2, 3, and 4 come with the patented Load N' Lock Spike Mounting Stake
  • All base options are available on all Creators
  • 540° Bi-Axial Precision Aim Knuckle
  • 360° Rotatable Hex Louver
  • Additional Optional Frosted Lens


US Patent: 10,746,382 - Load N Lock System

US Patent: D834240 - Spike Stake