24V Direct Burial LED Power Driver

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24V Intelligent Plus Powermatic High Efficiency Low Voltage Power Driver

  • 6ft - Primary Wire Lead
  • 5ft - 12/2 Secondary Wire Lead
  • In-Use Cover
  • In-Ground Primary Home Box (junction box)
  • Intelligent-PLUS Powermatic High Efficiency Low Voltage Power Driver
  • Available in 150W and 240W Units
  • 240 Watt System has two leads off of the transformer and includes 80' of additional 14/2 Wire
  • Lifetime Warranty
Advanced Features & Specifications:
Constant Voltage Regulator
Incoming Volts:
Clean Power, Zero Noise Power:
Stable Voltage with No Fluctuation
Less Voltage Drop:
More Efficient Less Primary Amp Load, More Efficient Less Secondary Amp Load
No Inrush Current:
Only Draws The Power Needed
4K Surge Protection:
Constant Current
Active PFC Function:
Less Heat, Less Stress
No Internal Flickering & Flicker-Free:
Thermal Protection, FC Compliant, IP 65/67 Rated