About Us

Why Install Lifetime Lighting Systems?

• 30+ years experience as a lighting company, manufacturer, and installer of thousands of fixtures.
• We understand customers needs during pre-installation, installation, and many years to come
• We value product quality over profit margin

We design products and set goals with SMART principles in mind:
Situational Awareness: Every fixture is designed with application specificity in mind. A fixture for every situation.
Material: Only the best grade of material used. Materials made to last a lifetime.
Attachment System: Our interchangeable mounting system enables one fixture to serve multiple applications.
Repairable: You will never send a fixture back as they are field repairable.  
Transformation: The ability to have a fixture transform into many other fixtures. 

We teach contractors how to make more money on every job.
We wrote the best-selling book on landscape lighting literally.
We keep up with technology to give you state-of-the-art products and best practice methods.
We live and breathe landscape lighting.

• Intelligent Plus PowerMatic High-Efficiency Transformer
• Fixture 2 Fixture Wiring Installation Method
• Loop-able Link Lead
• Transformable fixtures
• 540 degree bi-axial true aim removable knuckles.
• Removable and replaceable lenses
• Rocket Rock
• Load & Lock Attachment System

Lifetime Lighting Systems by Direct Lighting Outdoor Landscape

We were once in your shoes where the value of the product was never justified, struggling to find a distributor that offered us exceptionally unique and quality product at a competitive rate. So, true to our motto "QUALITY OVER MARGIN", we thought – “There must be a faster, cheaper and easier way to sell jobs as a contractor!” We want to show you a few quick (but not dirty) ways to add a couple $1,000's more to your job bids.

We have spent years searching, questioning, seeking, living with, adjusting, and documenting past jobs, cities, states, trade shows, and professionals alike, carefully curating categories of items that we can make strong arguments for.
For landscape designers, contractors, and interior designers, we've specifically collected items that you need and items that you didn’t even know you needed. This is important because we want you to have the "Aha!" moment where you realize that your opportunities to make money are not limited to your job title.

We hear it all the time and have made it a goal of ours to get a specific reaction from Guys/Husbands “I cannot bring my wife here”. (Our show room in San Marcos, CA). To us, this is the greatest compliment. We know who should be making those decisions in your household, It tells us we're doing something right. We are the final touches’, the jewelry that enhances everything it surrounds.

Lights, Sound, Yard Art, Water Features, Artificial Rocks and Flowers that are designed for the elements of the outdoors. Small items and focal points all coming together, to formulate your own back yard resort. Buy Direct and save on many of our items. It is our mission to provide top notch warrantied product at extremely competitive prices.

Nate Mullen, Founder & CEO



Nate started in landscape lighting full time in 1989 installing tens of thousand of fixtures. In that time, he developed the first Multi-Tap transformer for landscape lighting, changing the industry forever. So this product started to sell through irrigation distributors, which led Nate to start Unique Lighting Systems in 1995. Unique Lighting system quickly became the industry leader with close to 20 Patents leading the way. Nate sold the company to The Toro Company in 2011 and, after taking a few years off, Nate is back innovating again.