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When you need maximum adjustability for your wall mounted lights, the Sentry-WM is your light. Just like its family members that feature a multi-axis - pivoting knuckle allows for 540° about the horizontal and vertical axis. A single tightening bolt (thumb screw) secures movement of the light fixture in both planes. The difference is the included Wall Mount (M1-WM) that allows for single and dual fixture mounting applications (i.e. cosmo-sconce or sentinel-WM)
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Wall Mounted Down Light / Directional Light / Adjustable

CNC Machined Brass / Weathered Brass Finish


  • 540° Bi-Axial Precision Aim Knuckle
  • Threaded, M1-WM (Wall Mount has two fixture access points, to allow single or double light use. i.e cosmo-sconce or sentinel-WM)
  • 18/2 MAX FLEX Loopable-Link™ Wire Lead
  • Pre-Lamped 4W-60°-3000K MR16 LED
  • Removable Hex Louver & Lens
  • Field Repairability
  • Short Shroud Compatible
  • Optional frosted lens




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