PB6Si - Weathered Concrete

For Disguised Loudspeakers that hold live plants. Use Niles planter loudspeakers to come by and gray Outdoors sound with beautiful landscaping choose from two different styles the traditional circular planter shape and a rectangular box shape Niles planter loudspeaker can be configured in two speakers stereo single speaker stereo and monophonic modes a speaker that disappears into the landscaping while bringing deep rich base to its surroundings.
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6" Weatherproof Planter Box Loudspeaker - Terracotta


When entertaining outdoors, what you really want is smooth, even sound throughout the entire listening area. To achieve this goal, Niles makes two basic types of weatherproof outdoor loudspeakers: conventional stereo and stereo input (SI). Conventional stereo is the two-speaker, left and right setup that we all know and love. Not as well known is stereo input. These loudspeakers provide blended stereo sound from a single enclosure. When designing outdoor systems, it really helps to understand the advantages of each and what all the options are. Why settle for so-so, when you can have a system that really rocks? 

  • 6.5" Dual Voice Coil Injection-molded TCC™ Filled Polypropylene Woofer
  • Dual 1" Fluid-cooled Tri-laminate Teteron® Tweeters
  • Weatherproof Design Ensures Performance Outdoors
  • One-speaker Stereo-input Mode Or Two-speaker Stereo Mode