SKYLAR | Hanging Tree Light


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A hanging down light creates a well-rounded ambience as it suspends from branches of a tree canopy or any other type of structure. The hanging light illuminates walkways and driveways, perfect for creating shadows on the ground while enhancing the ground area and increasing the usability of space. Having a 360° light output can leave the viewer vulnerable to glare, therefore a hex louver is included to eliminate glare from ANY direction. There is no better way to provide soft light onto the ground in an even pattern. Great in locations where ground lights are not an option, for example not having a planter bed or no landscape in the surrounding area to light up.
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Hex Louver

  • Minimize glare with the functionally designed hex louver.
  • 360° Rotational Hex Louver Adjustable to eliminate glare from multiple viewpoints.


  • The Interchangeable Component Attachment Mounting System (ICAMS) allows for the quick replacement of various components.
  • This includes the lens, hex louver, shroud, LED Lamp, Socket, knuckle, or stake.
  • Proves invaluable during maintenance calls, saving significant time.
  • Avoid the hassle of removing lights and sending them back when you can address issues on the spot.

Multi-Shroud Options

  • Glare Shield 360° rotational glare shield w/ 4 keyway locks.
  • Easily change the fixture into a more compact size and sleek look by replacing the standard shroud with Short-Shroud.
  • This is great for when your space is at a premium.




8 ThruColor Finish Options, Natural Brass, Natural Copper
Hex Louver:
Adjustable, 360° Rotational Hex Louver, Replaceable
Adjustable Glare Shield w/ 4 Keyway locks, Short-Shroud Compatible, Replaceable
M1-RING (Tree Hanging Ring, Threaded)
UV Stabilized, 99.9% Virgin Copper Wire, 18/2 AWG, Dual Color (Brown/Tan), Polarity Safe, Heat Shrink Connections
Power (Volts):
12V, 24V, VV (Vari-Volt)
LED Lamp:
4W-60°-True Color MR16
US Patent No.:
D925,111 - Creator Rotating Hex Louver Shroud
US Patent No.:
11,067,262 – Load-N-Lock M1-Attachment System