SKYLINER | Directional Flood Light


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Proudly manufactured in the United States using Advanced Composite Material (ACM), this fixture exemplifies durable craftsmanship. Designed to endure the elements, its functionality will be supported in harshest of outdoor environments. The ThruColor finishing method refers to a process of mixing the color with the composite material prior to the molding process, resulting in the most durable finish on the market. Most manufactures will simply apply paint to a raw fixture which will leave you with a vulnerable color liable to chip, scratch, and discolor.
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540° Biaxial Knuckle

  • Adjustments can occur to a mounted light fixture
  • 180° of pivoting adjustments on the lateral axis (forward & backward)
  • 360° of rotational adjustments around the vertical axis (rotation)
  • Equals 540° of multi-axis pivoting movement
  • Makes every job easy to adjust the fixtures direction


  • The Interchangeable Component Attachment Mounting System (ICAMS) allows for the quick replacement of various components.
  • This includes the lens, hex louver, shroud, LED Lamp, Socket, knuckle, or stake.
  • Proves invaluable during maintenance calls, saving significant time.
  • Avoid the hassle of removing lights and sending them back when you can address issues on the spot.

Precision Lighting Control

  • Tailor each light fixture to perform exactly as needed with directional positioning and dependable control.
  • unparalleled maneuverability from a single position.
  • No more wasted efforts on laborious wire lead cutting or fixture unthreading just to manipulate a light fixture.
  • Lock or unlock your fixtures direction by using easy thumb screw which opens a pivot range between 0 to 180°, relative to the mounting position.

Threaded Adapter

  • Used to change the fixture from Lock-N’-Load mount to the standard threaded version.
  • Allows you to effortlessly secure the fixture in place for a reliable and stable installation.




8 ThruColor Finish Options
Hex Louver:
Angled Hex Louver, Removable
Clear Polycarbonate, Replaceable
Reversable, Replaceable
540° Biaxial Rotation
M1-GRAND (Stainless Steel, Threaded Gutter Bracket)
UV Stabilized, 99.9% Virgin Copper Wire, 18/2 AWG, Dual Color (Brown/Tan), Polarity Safe, Heat Shrink Connections
Power (Volts):
12V, 24V, VV (Vari-Volt)
LED Lamp:
4W-60°-True Color MR16
US Patent:
D869,060 – Expander Shroud
US Patent:
10,746,382 – Multi-axis pivoting knuckle
US Patent:
11,067,262 – Load-N-Lock M1-Attachment System