NEW - Enlightener Flush Mounted Light

Posted by Lifetime Lighting Systems on Feb 29th 2024

NEW - Enlightener Flush Mounted Light

Introducing the Enlightener - a revolutionary flush mounted flood light that will brighten up any space with ease. With 8 different finishes to choose from, including WH, BK, BRN, GRN, MCPB, MSCC, SBRN and SGGRN, this versatile fixture is the perfect addition to your lighting collection.

But what sets the Enlightener apart from other flood lights? Firstly, it does not come with a M1-Knuckle System or mounts. Instead, the fixture attaches directly through its base for a sleek and seamless look. No more bulky add-ons taking away from the overall design aesthetic.

The patented Multi-Use Shroud Housing is another game changer for the Enlightener. This unique feature allows you to utilize the shrouds ability to be screwed on in the opposite direction. This means you can adjust the direction of light according to your needs - perfect for spaces where volume lighting is required.

Not only does it offer practicality and functionality, but the Enlightener also boasts durability with its sturdy construction and high-quality materials. Rest assured that this flood light will withstand even the toughest outdoor conditions.

Whether it's illuminating your driveway at night or adding ambiance to your backyard gathering, trust in our Enlightner to provide reliable and efficient lighting every time. Upgrade your outdoor space with ease by choosing Enlightner as your go-to flush mount flood light option.