GUARDSMAN | Directional Up Light


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We know you’re thinking "hmm..., this is not how you place an up light". Here's the facts: Light fixtures placed in the ground are subject to physical harm by people and their environment. The Guardsman is a non-traditional approach to fixture placement. Simply mount the light on the base of the tree, ~12" off the ground and your problems are solved. Besides lighting up tree canopies it is also great for keeping fixture out of snow during the winter.
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540° Biaxial Knuckle

  • Adjustments can occur to a mounted light fixture
  • 180° of pivoting adjustments on the lateral axis (forward & backward)
  • 360° of rotational adjustments around the vertical axis (rotation)
  • Equals 540° of multi-axis pivoting movement
  • Makes every job easy to adjust the fixtures direction


  • The Interchangeable Component Attachment Mounting System (ICAMS) allows for the quick replacement of various components.
  • This includes the lens, hex louver, shroud, LED Lamp, Socket, knuckle, or stake.
  • Proves invaluable during maintenance calls, saving significant time.
  • Avoid the hassle of removing lights and sending them back when you can address issues on the spot.

Load-N-Lock Mounting System

  • Other stakes need to be exclusively threaded on, which can interfere with the integrity of the wire connections.
  • Allows you to effortlessly secure the fixture in place for a reliable and stable installation.
  • The available threaded adapter can be used to change the fixture from Lock-N’-Load to the standard threaded version.

Multi-Shroud Options

  • Easily change the fixture into a more compact size and sleek look by replacing the standard shroud with Short-Shroud.
  • This is great for when your space is at a premium.

Precision Lighting Control

  • Tailor each light fixture to perform exactly as needed with directional positioning and dependable control.
  • unparalleled maneuverability from a single position.
  • No more wasted efforts on laborious wire lead cutting or fixture unthreading just to manipulate a light fixture.
  • Lock or unlock your fixtures direction by using easy thumb screw which opens a pivot range between 0 to 180°, relative to the mounting position.




8 ThruColor Finish Options, Natural Brass, Natural Copper
Hex Louver:
Adjustable, Angled, Rotational Hex Louver, Replaceable
Clear Polycarbonate, Replaceable
Adjustable Glare Shield w/ 4 Keyway locks, Short-Shroud Compatible, Replaceable
540° Biaxial Rotation
M1-TAC (Stainless Steel Tree Bracket, Load-N-Lock)
UV Stabilized, 99.9% Virgin Copper Wire, 18/2 AWG, Dual Color (Brown/Tan), Polarity Safe, Heat Shrink Connections
Power (Volts):
12V, 24V, VV (Vari-Volt)
LED Lamp:
4W-36°-True Color MR16
US Patent No.:
D834,240 – Spike-Stake
US Patent No.:
D925,111 - Creator Rotating Hex Louver Shroud
US Patent No.:
10,746,382 – Multi-axis pivoting knuckle
US Patent No.:
11,067,262 – Load-N-Lock M1-Attachment System