Designed to be recessed into pavers, stone, decks or any other hardscape outdoor surface. 1W light is sealed within a stainless steel body allowing for the harshest outdoor elements. Lights can be surfaced mounted in a 1.5" cored hole or recessed in a 2" cored hole for heavy snow areas where shovels, blowers or plows may be used.
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Mariner (12V)

Hardscape Light

  • MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
  • FINISH: Stainless Steel or Black Options
  • MOUNT: 4" or 6" PVC Sleeve Options (for Hardscape and Well Light Applications)
  • WIRE: 6' Straight SO Chord
  • LENS: Frosted LED: Integrated 1W-True Color LED, Waterproof


  • IP67 Engineered Waterproof Hardscape Light
  • Designed to flush mount to most flat hard surfaces
  • #316 Stainless Steel body designed for outdoor use
  • Environmentally friendly - No mercury and lead
  • High impact glass lens
  • Available in black and Stainless Steel Finishes